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Welcome to Favells. We have been supplying the Spanish market with outdoor lifestyle products since 2006 and operate from our showroom and warehouse facilities of 4500 square meters in Fuengirola, Southern Spain. Our core business is Hot spas and are proud to be main agents for Wellis spas. At any one time, we have over 30 spas on display and up to 100 spas in stock. We offer full installation and extensive warranties on all spas.

MyLine Spa Range – Take control of your personal wellness with your very own Myline spa. Tranquillity for the mind, body, & spirit. Treat your senses to the delights of a home oasis, far from the stresses and strains of your hurly burly life.

Wellis Spa Range – Since their establishment in 2003 and have found increasing popularity throughout Europe as more people change to a healthier lifestyle and demand high quality personal wellness equipment in their homes and gardens.

Imagine that you could shelter in a comfortable home to relax painful muscle tension, daily stress and would thus receive better rest – sleep. Using Hydrotherapy: a unique mixture of air, water, heat and tactile therapy can make your ideas come true. Make sure your health, well-being and relaxation. Treat yourself to a spa experience with family and friends.

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